Story of a Pre-school Teacher

Līga noticed that children demonstrate insufficient interest while learning and the learning process bores them quickly. This was the reason, why the pre-school teacher in her group started to use Barboleta balance platforms in the mornings. When the teacher started to use the Barboleta method for a change, she noticed that children are able to focus on learning for longer periods of time and demonstrate more interest in the particular learning content. Līga admits that she finds it easier to teach children even at times, when their interest in learning is explicitly low.

Currently, 22 children of the pre-school group are regularly learning new content both by using traditional methods, as well as with the use of Barboleta balance platform – the children are learning with much greater interest and for longer periods of time. The teacher especially noticed the 4-year-old Jānis. Jānis is a friendly boy, but he cannot hold his balance and he could not learn colours over a period of six months. After two months of work with Barboleta platform, Jānis falls considerably less frequently, he is much more stable while walking and is able to differentiate and even name similar colours. In his free time, Jānis still opts for the use of the platform and designs his tasks by himself. The teacher has noted that Jānis has retained his interest in the use of this method.