About the Kindergarten

Private pre-school educational institution “Learning to Learn” bases its activity on the following assumptions:

  • Sensations, emotions and physical movements form the basis of intellectual development of the child. An important task of the child for the first seven years of their life is to understand their body. Only what the child perceives through sensations remains in their experience and memories, triggers thinking processes, develops individual experience of themselves and the surrounding environment in causal relations.
  • Co-ordination of movements and balance promotes learning in children.
  • Environment and relations with the teacher determine the development success of the child.
  • If the child is given the choice of action in accordance with their developmental stage and interests, the child develops their initiatives, promotes work motivation, memorises and learns much more.
  • The feeling of safety is basic need, the satisfaction of which ensures that the child becomes open to the surrounding world and what this world can teach.
  • Balance of nature and internal life rhythm is important for the development of a child. The aesthetic properties of nature and natural processes are the ones that reflect rhythm and periodicity in a way that is understandable and easily perceptible by a child.

Pre-school tasks:

  • To ensure an individual and differentiated approach to each child;
  • To create an environment that promotes the feeling of safety in a child;
  • To ensure the child has the opportunity to move and to “feel through and into” this world by using all their senses;
  • To work with natural materials and to observe nature;
  • To include music into daily processes;
  • Not to do things instead of children, if a child can do them themselves.

Teaching a child to learn means allowing the child to act practically and to experiment, by learning from their experience and errors. For more information on pre-school, visit http://www.macosmacities.lv/