In Jelgava, a new development centre, “Mācies mācoties”!

The purpose of the “Learning” development centre is to promote the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children. The Centre’s specialists have been working on a team since 2016 to provide individually tailored support to each child.

The “Learning” development centre offers the following services:

1. Exercise in the pool. Individual lessons for both children 1-15 years of age and children with parents and adults. The shallow end of the pool depth -50 cm, the deep end 155 cm. Water temperature 30 degrees.

2. Clinical psychologist diagnostics – Diagnostics of intelligence, learning achievements, behavioural spheres in children under 18 years of age.

3. Clinical psychologist counselling – working with children and parents on relationship issues, fears, behavioural difficulties, etc. in cases of personal difficulties.

4. Special educator lessons to promote memory, attention, language and mathematical thinking.

5. Promoting intellectual capabilities and learning achievements with the Barbolet method, which provides a more effective and child-friendly training approach. The method provides for the learning of the teaching substance, involving movements and balances, in parallel promoting attention and memory.

6. Logopic counselling;

7. Nature Room lessons for children aged 1-12 to promote emotional balance and aptitude.

8. Behavioral adjustment programs, which include helping children with behavioral difficulties. Includes the following services: 1. Acquisition of collaborative and communication skills within the group; 2. Individual support from a psychologist and special educator, a 3 rd water gymnastics and a natural room.

9. A language programme for children aged 3-7, in which the development of the language of children will be promoted through cooperation between specialists in various areas – logopper, physiotherapist and psychologist, and special teacher.

The development center’s specialists use the innovative Barbolet method in their work, which aims to involve body coordination, balance, positive feelings in the learning process. A child on the move is offered job assignments. Measurements have revealed that emotional engagement is increased during the process, focus and pedagogical process can take place more easily and effectively.

You can apply for a Development Centre lesson by calling 29368746 (Baiba – Owner) or by writing to