Erasmus + programme project

In autumn 2019, Barboleta, in cooperation with partners from Latvia, Lithuania and Italy, launched the European Union’s Erasmus + programme partnership project “Barboletta balancing platform methodology” (project no. Implementation of 2019-1-LV01-KA201-060405). As part of the project, it is planned to develop a methodology for working with the innovative Barbolet Balance Platform for 3 years, to develop a variety of costs to be used for different target groups, and to develop a digital version of the Balance Platform. The barboleth equilibrium platform and evolving method are based on balance, movement coordination and feelings. With the method, the child learns the teaching substance more quickly and productively, as the focus is on what is happening here and now. Both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated and cooperation between the two hemispheres of the brain is ensured, which is not the case when a child learns in a classical sitting position. Working with the balancing platform and its method at international level will ensure that it is sustainable and prepared materials in English, Italian and Lithuanian will contribute to its wider interoperability.

Project partners:

  • “Barboleta” (Latvia)
  • University of Liepājas (Latvia)
  • VSI Demokratine mokykla (Lithuania)
  • Integra Onlus (Italy)