Target Group

Barboleta balance platforms may be used by children from 1.5 year of age until adulthood.

The platforms are especially useful for active, restless children, with poor attention, as well as shy and unmotivated children.

Furthermore, platforms can be conveniently used in offices to enhance the focus of attention and productivity of work.

Types of Application:

  • for the development, acquisition of language
  • for the acquisition of various study subjects
  • for the promotion of communication
  • for the training of memory and attention
  • to ensure physical activity in premises
  • for the facilitation of communication in co-operation with customers of different character and age

The following specialists, who have received a Barboleta certificate, are using balance platforms for their work with children:     

  • speech therapists
  • speciality educators
  • psychologists
  • teachers at educational institutions
  • occupational therapists

Platforms are also purchased by parents, who wish to support their children in the development and learning process. In these cases, parents conclude contracts on the conditions of use and receive a user manual.

Benefits of using balance platforms:

  • people are more successful at memorising information to be learnt
  • increased work motivation, stability of attention and involvement of working memory in the learning process
  • relieved work of specialists
  • the child is being trained in self-control

children find it easier to talk about emotions and daily situations, as well as to model new situations, when they are in motion.