Barboleta Method

Barboleta developing method is based on balance, movement co-ordination and sensations. The method enables the child to be faster and more productive in acquiring learning content, since their attention is more focused on what happens here and now. Both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated and co-ordinated, which does not occur, if the child is learning in the classical – seated position.

Who can use it? Any child or adult who wishes to make the learning process more interesting, to learn the subject faster and more efficiently, or who does not like the particular learning subject, or who has difficulty concentrating or remembering.

Age: from the age of 1.6 to adult age.

How does it work?

Attention concentration levels, emotional involvement, interest increases in children, who work with balance platforms, while their stress levels decrease. These factors rank among the most important ones for productive perception and the learning of new information by a person.

The task of balance platforms is to involve co-ordination of the body, balance and emotions in the learning process.

How has the method been developing?

The method was created by a clinical psychologist/special educator Baiba Blomniece – Jurāne in 2016, when she faced the lack of modern methods in promoting the attention of children and their interest in the content of learning. The number of children with learning difficulties, which include, for instance, attention, working memory, language development difficulty, etc. is increasing nowadays. Often these difficulties are not even linked to specific disorders. This means that any child may have difficulty concentrating on the learning process.

Who can purchase and how?

The method is offered to psychologists, speech therapists, special educators, school teachers, social workers and parents in the way of training.

During the training, participants learn the skills of balance platform use, work with the methodology and integrated study content that the specialists require.

When the participants have received the certificate, their certificate number and signed the contract, the balance platform shall be granted to the participants.

Training is conducted at Atmodas iela 9, Jelgava or on-line, according to the schedule that is published on the Facebook page.

Visiting sessions. We visit other towns, if a group of 10-14 participants has been collected.