For Rehabilitation

The surface of the Barboleta balance platform is designed as a stable surface, which ensures that a person with poorly developed balance and co-ordination can keep stable, while standing on it. Therefore, an educational process that promotes development is successfully conducted in people, who have motor, co-ordination or balance disorders as well. Furthermore, the balance platform can be used in different situations; even people seated at a table can work with their hands.

Objective – to promote brain activity by promoting eye-hand or eye-body co-ordination.

Balance platforms are especially important in work with elderly customers in the event of degenerative brain diseases. The research section provides information on a research study, which demonstrates that elderly people, while performing intellectual activity simultaneously with movement co-ordination and balance tasks, improve their short-term memory.

Experience with Barboleta that has been accumulated since 2017, shows that the memorisation process that occurs on balance platforms, enhances the ability of an adult person to retrieve information (for instance, a phone number) in the long term as well. Barboleta offers training for social workers and occupational therapists to enable these professionals to use the balance platforms in their rehabilitation work with children, as well as adults. For more information, see section Training.