For Education Development Specialists

Barboleta balance platform was created with the purpose of ensuring an efficient and precise learning method that conforms to the needs of contemporary children. The balance platform is especially useful for active, restless children, with poor attention, as well as shy and unmotivated children. In the school environment it can be used in class, as well as for individual work.

The balance platform can be effectively used:

  • for the development, acquisition of language
  • for the acquisition of various study subjects
  • for the promotion of communication
  • for the training of memory and attention.

The following specialists are using balance platforms in their work:     

  • speech therapists
  • speciality educators
  • psychologists
  • teachers at educational institutions.

Specialists need to undergo training in order to work with the balance platform. As a result of training, they will receive a certificate and a specialist number will be granted to them. For more information, see the section Training.

Benefits of using the balance platform:

  • the children are more successful in acquiring the learning content;
  • increased work motivation, stability of attention and involvement of working memory in the learning process;
  • relieved work of specialists;
  • the child is being trained in self-control;

children find it easier to talk about emotions and daily situations, as well as to model new situations, when they are in motion.