Balance Platforms

Social company “Barboleta” has developed balance platforms as an innovative and efficient tool for the focusing of attention, motivation, recalling of information and boosting energy in work and learning process. We offer balance platforms as a product for individual use at home or work and for training in the use of the Barboleta method for the performance of professional work. For more information, click About the method

Uses of Balance Platforms:

  1. At educational establishments and in the individual work of development specialists. For more information, click For Education Development Specialists
  2. In the Office. For more information, click For Corporate Customers
  3. In rehabilitation work after trauma, or in elderly care. For more information, click For Rehabilitation

The balance platforms are made in Latvia from plywood. Two types of platforms are available currently – simple and modifiable, with an option to insert additional tracks and foot pads. The platforms are covered with frosted varnish or colour. When using balance platforms, non-slip foot pads must be used. Alternatively, the platform may be used with bare feet or non-slip socks.

Balance platform patent No. D 15 724