Balance platform in office!

Barboleta has created a platform for balance, for use in offices. Our experience and worldwide research shows that the involvement of balance and coordination of movements in intellectual work contributes to attention and productivity of intellectual work.

Benefits through a balancing platform in the office environment:

  • Promoting attention and keeping focus
  • Reducing stress
  • Helps to switch attention to problems
  • Ensure physical movements while at the work table
  • Increase the involvement and energy level of the employee
  • There is an opportunity to promote mutual cooperation and communication between employees
  • Be used effectively for the acquisition of new knowledge (for example, learning professional concepts and information, learning foreign languages, preparing for presentation to remember important data and information).

The steady-state platform is easy to use in working at the standend, in spare time, promoting the physical and emotional well-being of employees, and can be an excellent tool for assembling a team.

The balancing platform must be modified by changing pathways, difficulties in coordinating and balancing movements.

For more information, see Balance Platform for Business.